Note - I own all the characters, except the ones from the real series. To see the Allegiances click here. SPOILER! - The choosen cats are Spottedpaw(TC), Loudpaw(SC), Sparrowpaw(WC), and Ivypaw(RC).

It has been many moons since the battle against the Dark Forest. Now everything is at peace in the clans; or it seems...

As a new force rises outside the territories of the clans, four certain cats come to slowly realize who and what they are. But there is only one problem: What is it that is lurking in the shadows, and what will be the fate of the clans?


As all the Starclan cats started to gather around a small pool, a white tom with black paws began to speak, "As everyone of you know, a prophecy has been recieved, and we need to choose one cat from each clan to fulfill this prophecy."

Another cat, who was a flame-colored tom, looked at the white tom. "You are right Blackstar, but there is one problem: Not even we know what this prophecy means."

"And just how Firestar, is that going to affect our choice?" the white tom meowed scornfully.

"It means we have to make our choices carefully," Firestar replied quietly.

"He is right," a black-and-white tom said. "We will have to make our choices carefully. Othewise, the results will affect the clans deeply." Firestar nodded to him. "All right then, let's begin," the black-and-white tom meowed. "Ashstar, you choose for Windclan." Ashstar nodded, and stepped up to the pool. She stared into it for a while. Soon, there was the image of a cat. Yowls of approval rose from the rest of the Starclan cats. Ashstar quietly went back to her spot, and sat down.

"Shadowclan will choose next," Blackstar announced, and went up to the pool. Soon there was an image of another cat. As yowls of approval rose from the gathered Starclan cat, Blackstar went back to his spot, head held high.

"Let Riverclan choose next," said a gray she-cat. She padded up to the pool, and stared into it. A image of another cat appeared. When there was again yowls of approval, she smiled and went back to her place.

"There is only Thunderclan left," Firestar meowed. "Brambleclaw will you choose?" he asked turning to a dark tabby tom. The dark tabby dipped his head to his formal leader, and padded up to the pool. He stared into it for a while, and soon an image of a cat appeared. This time instead of yowls of approval, there was a complete silence. After what seemed like moons, Blackstar spoke up, "Brambleclaw, you do realize that this cat has deficiencies. She has a splayed forepaw, one. She is half-blind, even though she can see properly at some parts of her eyes. Plus she is weak and is a runt. Do you really think she might manage the responsibilities given to her?"

"Blackstar is right," Firestar meowed. "Brambleclaw, would you like to redo your choice?"

"No," Brambleclaw hissed. "This is my choice." Firestar's eyes flashed with anger, and his ears were flattened.

"Very well, Brambleclaw," the flame-colored tom growled. "Just make sure that your choice doesn't affect the clans." Then he looked up. "At nighttime we will send the prophecy to our medicine cats," and with that said, he left. The rest of the gathered cats started to scatter, but all the while they shot uneasy glances towards the pool and Brambleclaw.

Brambleclaw sighed. He knew that the Starclan cats judged his choice only by appearance, and maybe heritage. Once he had been judged by heritage too. But he knew that his choice was the right one, no matter what the rest thought. He knew this cat was the right one. The choosen one.

"What is wrong Jayfeather?" asked a flame-colored tom to a gray tabby tom, who was perking his ears, seemingly was trying to listen for something. "Do our ancestors tell you something?"

"I don't know Flaringstar. If only I did... I know they are trying to tell me something, but I don't know what!" The gray tabby tom growled with frustration. "Sometimes I wonder why doesn't Starclan try to be clearer," he added. Then he turned towards the Thunderclan leader, his eyes narrowed as if he could see Flaringstar. "You are worried about Berryeyes, right?" he asked. Berryeyes was Flaringstar's mate, and had given birth four days ago.

When Jayfeather heard Flaringstar mutter in agreement, he just turned his head towards the night sky, where Silverpelt was supposedly shining, and meowed, "Don't worry. She and your kits are all right." Flaringstar grumbled in response. Jayfeather turned his head sharply towards the Thunderclan leader. "The undersized one is all right as well. Like it or not, I will die making sure she lives."

"But-" Flaringstar started to speak. Jayfeather waved his tail cutting him off. Just then he saw a star spiraling in the sky, and looked at it with astonishment. He was even more shocked when he realized he saw the star, even though he was blind. He turned towards Flaringstar. "Flaringstar," he meowed, "it is a message from Starclan. It is a prophecy!"

"What is this prophecy?" Flaringstar meowed anxiously.

When Jayfeather spoke, his voice seemed somehow distant. "The path will become dark and blurry, as the dark shadows rise to power. And only they can overcome the deadly fate that is awaiting the clans..." Jayfeather knew that Flaringstar was waiting for an explanation, but he had none. He did not know what it meant, but he was certain of one thing: Something terrible was awaiting them.

Chapter 1Edit

She was lying down on her stomach in the center of the clearing, her forepaws covering her eyes. "Ready or not, here I am!" Spottedpaw squeaked, and then ducked her head in embarrasment, hoping no one heard her squeak out like a kit. She dropped her paws to the sides, and got up. She was playing hide-and-seek with her siblings in the camp, since her mentor was on patrol, and her siblings had finished their training early at the morning. She was it first, since she was the smallest between the three. Not that she minded being it.

Spottedpaw caught Dragonpaw's scent as she went towards the nursery. Probably she is hiding behind the nursery, she thought. Just then she saw Dragonpaw lashing her tail.

"Found you!" Spottedpaw yowled. Dragonpaw looked up startled.

"Not fair!" Dragonpaw complained. "I did my best to hide my scent!"

"If I might remind you Dragonpaw, I have a sharp sense of smell," Spottedpaw meowed. "Come on now! Let's find Shadepaw!" with that she ran of in the direction of the warriors' den.

Spottedpaw stopped in front of the warriors' den. Should I enter? she thought. But apprentices are not allowed to enter.

Enter, a voice whispered to her. She turned around and only saw Dragonpaw a few tails away. It could not be her. The voice so close to her ear. She looked at the warriors' den once more before entering.

Suddenly she saw movemnet at the corner of her eye. She knew it was Shadepaw. When they played hide-and-seek, Shadepaw usually went to shady or dark places since his pelt stood out in daylight.

"Saw you!" she called out. There was a moment of silence, a huff, and then Shadepaw came out.

"Maybe I should just stand in the middle of clearing, since you will think I will be hiding in the shadows, so that you won't find me," Shadepaw meowed. Spottedpaw and Dragonpaw chuckled.

"Spottedpaw!" a voice called out. Spottedpaw saw her Goldenheart entering the camp.

"I have to go," she meowed to her siblings, before bounding up to Goldenheart.

"Follow me. We are going to hunt," Goldenheart meowed before going out of the camp once more. Spottedpaw followed him. I just hope I can catch something, she thought.

Apparently the hunt did not go well. As they entered the camp, Spottedpaw felt both embarrassed and upset. Goldenheart had caught a blackbird, a squirrel, and a couple of mice while she had caught nothing.

"So the half-blind useless thing caught nothing, huh?" a voice sneered. Spottedpaw turned to see Darkpaw looking at her scornfully. "Why do you even bother becoming a warrior? If there is anyhting you can be that is nothing!" Darkpaw hissed.

That does it! Spottedpaw thought angrily, and leaped on Darkpaw. "Just because I can't see you properly doesn't mean I can't attack you!" she yowled. Just then Darkpaw sank his claw into her splayed paw. She screeched in pain. She unsheathed her claws, and was about to leap on Darkpaw once again when a voice yowled, "Stop!" It was Owlfur.

When they broke apart, he turned to Darkpaw, "You go to the apprentices' den, and I will deal with Spottedpaw."

Darkpaw opened his mouth to protest, but instead muttered sarcasticly, "Who died so that they made you deputy?" and before Owlfur could say anything else he left.

Owlfur turned to Spottedpaw, "I will have to tell this to Flaringstar. He will decide what to do." Spottedpaw nodded and started to limp towards the medicine cat's den.

"Spottedpaw, wait!" a voice called out. Spottedpaw stopped, and waited for Shadepaw and Dragonpaw to catch up. Once they did, she continued to limp to the medicine cat's den.

Just as they reached the den, Shadepaw meowed, "You know you should not try to deal with cats that are stronger no matter what." Spottedpaw whirled around and hissed at Shadepaw, and instead of going into the den, she limped out of the camp.

Dragonpaw smacked Shadepaw on the head with her paw. How could her littermate be so mouse-brained. It was there sister he said that thing to, for Starclan's sake!

"Ow! What was that for?" Shadepaw complained. "I didn' say anything wrong!"

"You are a mouse-brain Shadepaw. You hurted Spottedpaw's feelings!" Dragonpaw shouted.

"Spottedpaw's feelings was not hurt, you know it. Only her pride is wounded and that is because of Darkpaw, not me,"Shadepaw muttered. Just then Goldenwing came.

"If you too don't need anything I think you should not stand in the way," she meowed softly. They both nodded and went to the fresh-kill pile.

Flaringstar had chosen the cats going to the gathering. As soon as he was ready they would get going. However, Dragonpaw was a bit frustrated.

“He did not choose Spottedpaw again!” she complained.

“Well, I am not surprised,” Shadepaw meowed. “He never chooses her, plus, she fought with Darkpaw.”

“Still, it is not fair!” Dragonpaw protested.

“Life isn’t fair, Dragonpaw,” Cougarfur, who was beside them, meowed. “By the way where is Spottedpaw?” That was they heard a rustle, and saw Thunderclaw with his fur matted and covered in blood with Spottedpaw’s bloody body in his jaws.

Chapter 2Edit


Spottedpaw was sitting beneath the Sky Oak, thinking. She was really upset. Her pride was wounded. Why in the name of Starclan did she try to attack Darkpaw! Shadepaw was right: Darkpaw was more experienced than her. He was also larger and stronger. She was burning with shame now. I should say sorry to Shadepaw later on, she thought. After all he said it because he cares about me. Just then she heard footsteps. She turned her head to see Thunderclaw.

“Hi,” he meowed. She smiled. "What are you doing here?" he asked. Thunderclaw and his littermate Cougarfur had become warriors just four sunrises ago.

"I am fine," she meowed in a voice that did not hide her sadness. Thunderclaw looked at her and sat down beside her.

"What happened?" he asked. She sighed. She was not really eager to let everyone know what happened.

"Well, Darkpaw insulted me, and I attacked him, and now I am upset," she said hurriedly.

"Because..." Thunderclaw asked. When she did not answer, he rolled his eyes. "Come on Spottedpaw, we shared the same den until four days ago. Obviously, I would know that there is more to it than what you told me."

"Well Darkpaw insults me, and I, to protect my pride, attack him, only to end up having a wounded pride," she said with frustration. Thunderclaw chuckled. "What?" she demanded, glaring at him.

"If you ignored him, nothing would've happened to your 'pride', Spottedpaw," he explained. "You are simply easily angered."

"I know, but I can't help it," she sighed. Thunderclaw gave her a sympathetic look.

"Let's go back to camp," he meowed and got up.


As they walked back to camp, Spottedpaw smelled something. Squirrel! she thought. She crouched down into a hunting position and started to stalk it. As she came closer to it, she suddenly stepped on a twig, alerting the squirrel, which started to run. As she started to chase after it, she suddenly tripped and stumbled over a den.

She got up to her feet and shook the dirt off her pelt. She glared angrily as the blurry shape of Thunderclaw laughed at her. Then she saw Thunderclaw looking wildly and starting to call to her. She scented the air. Badger! she thought wildly. She was about to run when a badger came out of nowhere and slamed into her. She fell to the ground. She squeaked out as she saw two more badgers come out. Then she saw a flash of gold fur, and Thunderclaw leaped onto one of the badgers.

They tried to fight off the badgers. Spottedpaw felt herself getting more tired and weak. She gave a terrified yowl as one of the bagders grabbed her in its jaws, its teeth digging into her flesh. She blacked out as the badger shook her and slammed her into a tree.

Thunderclaw looked up. he clawed one of the badgers' muzzle, and ran towards Spottedpaw's motionless body. He grabbed her body by the scruff and before any of the badgers could start another attack, he limped towards the camp.

-End of Flashback-

"What happened?" Flaringstar demanded. Thunderclaw putted Spottedpaw's battered body slowly on the ground. Goldenwing hurried towards him.

"Sharpfang! Jaypaw! Come and take Spottedpaw to my den," Goldenwing called out to the two toms. They came and grasped Spottedpaw's body, and walked towards the medicine cat's den.

Thunderclaw watched them fro a moment. Then he turned to Flaringstar, "We were returning to camp, but came across a badger's den. Before we could go, three badgers came out and attacked us."

Flaringstar nodded. "Cougarfur, gelp Thunderclaw to the medicine cat's den," Flaringstar meowed. Cougarfur padded up to his brother.

"Come on, lean on me," Cougafur said. Thunderclaw nodded and did as he was told. As they went to the den, Dragonpaw noticed Berrynose looking worriedly at the sky, and then angrily at Flaringstar, who ignored it. What is going on? Dragonpaw thought.

"Goldenwing won't come, but that doesn't mean we are not going," Flaringstar announced. "Come on, let's go," with that he went out of the entrance of the camp.

Cougarfur looked over at Dragonpaw and Shadepaw, as they walked in front of him with their tails trailing in the ground. Cougarfur understood them. His sibling was injured too. But then, Thunderclaw was not as badly injured as Spottedpaw, and would recovered. But Spottedpaw... He shook his head, and walked to Shadepaw's and Dragonpaw's side.

"She will be all right," he meowed as cheerfully as possible. Shadepaw only looked at him and then at the ground again. "Come on!" he exclaimed. "It isn't the end of the world. She will recover," he insisted.

"Really?" Dragonpaw looked at him with eyes full of hope. He wanted to say 'yes', but what if Spottedpaw did not recover? He gave a tiny nod, and stopped, as they reached the tree bridge. Shadepaw and Dragonpaw walked over it, and jumped on the ground of the gathering island. He followed them. I hope Spottedpaw will be all right, he thought.

Chapter 3Edit

As every cat in the Gathering clearing became silent, Flaringstar got up from his place on the oak. "Thunderclan is all well. There is no shortage of prey. We have two new warriors: Cougarfur and Thunderclaw." Everyone started to chant Cougarfur and Thunderclaw's names, although some did seem to notice Thunderclaw missing.

"If everything is all right, Flaringstar, then where is Goldenwing?" Darkstar meowed, rising from his spot on another branch.

"Thunderclaw injured his paw when he was on the hunting patrol today, and Goldenwing is tending to him," Flaringstar answered calmly and with some humour. Dragonpaw knew that humour was forced, and her father was lying to not let other cats think that they are weak. As if we would look weak, if we said that Spottedpaw got attacked by a badger, she thought with a snort. Sometimes Flaringstar made bad decisions in her case.

As the Riverclan leader, Icestar started to make her report, Dragonpaw thought she saw a cat in the shadows. She blinked, but there was nothing. She shook her head. I guess, I am starting to imagine things like Spottedpaw, she thought. When she looked up at the leaders, she realized that they all finished their reports.

"You should pay more attention sister," Shadepaw meowed quietly.

"And you where?" Dragonpaw asked with a huff. Shadepaw in these few days seem to become an adviser between the three siblings..

"Of course I was," I am smarter than you, and more thoughtful than Spottedpaw," he meowed.

"Hey!" she protested. Shadepaw chuckled.

"Are you two going to stay here or are you coming home?" Redpaw called out. They turned around, and quickly ran towards the Thunderclan cats. Flaringstar looked around to make sure no one was missing, and then signaled with his tail for them to follow.

Chapter 4Edit

Loudpaw walked out of the apprentices' den, and sat down in frint of the entrance of it. It was a quarter moon since the Gathering. He was still angry he did not get to go to this one.. He yawned, it was pre-dawn, but he could not sleep at all. He was still thinking about the attack they were going to launch tomorrow at sunhigh, to Thunderclan at the border they shared. Thunderclan deserves it, he thought. They were just a bunch of kittypets anyway!

"Do you think we really should launch that attack?" a voice meowed behind him. Loudpaw turned around to see his littermate, Dustpaw sitting down beside him.

"Of course!" he answered, surprised that Dustpaw had such a doubt. Dustpaw was the one, who agreed strongly to the attack just yesterday. What made him change his mind?

As if Dustpaw had read his mind, he meowed, "It is just that I had this dream. That's why." Loudpaw snorted.

"It is just a dream. Ignore it," he meowed. Dustpaw shook his head.

"You don't understand. I don't think I should be part of this battle," he meowed, his eyes were wide. Loudpaw looked at his brother.

"Trust me, Dustpaw, it will be all right," he said soothingly. Dustpaw just sighed, and went back into the den. He followed him.

Spottedpaw stretched in her nest and yawned. She was still in the medicine cat's den. She really longed to go outside of the camp for a walk. Not that she was bored, since her siblings always came to visit her. But she felt like if she stayed in the den longer than it might take a longer time before she could become a warrior.

She watched as Goldenwing and Berryeyes talked. She rolled her eyes. Berryeyes was fuzzing over her too much. She knew that it was because she was closed to Starclan, and was miracle that she survived at all. Or so they say, she thought.

"Hey, what's up?" a voice called from outside of the den. It was Shadepaw.

"Fine. How about you?" she answered.

"Fine, my favorite sibling," he meowed. Suddenly a paw appeared and smacked Shadepaw's head.

"Ow!" he protested, as he rubbed his head. "Really, I would be better if Dragonpaw did not continuously hit my head."

"Dragonpaw pushed her way through into the den. "You deserve it," she meowed.

Spottedpaw smiled. "Yeah, you deserve it." Shadepaw opened his mouth to protest. "Just kidding," she meowed. Just then Goldenwing entered, followed by Spottedpaw's mentor, Goldenheart.

"Why don't you two go outside, huh?" Goldewing asked gently. Shadepaw and Dragonpaw nodded, and went out of the den. Goldenwing followed them.

"Well," Goldenheart meowed, settling down. "Now that we are alone, we can talk." Spottedpaw gulped. She was sure a lecture was coming.

"You know that you shouldn't have left the camp without permission, right?" he asked gently. She nodded, not knowing what was coming next.

"But I am not going to punish you. Neither will Flaringstar. Instead we decided that you will go to the next Gathering, since it was very unfair that you did not go to the ones before," he meowed cheerfully. Spottedpaw's eyes widened. She was going to the next Gathering!

"Really?" she asked. Goldenheart nodded. "Thanks, Goldenheart," she purred. Then she looked down at the ground.

"What happened?" her mentor asked.

She looked up again and meowed shyly, "Can I go with the sunhigh patrol?" she asked with hopeful eyes. She was sick to death in here. Goldenheart looked a bit uncomfortably at her.

"Are you sure you are all right?" he asked nodding to her wounds. She nodded eagerly in answer, but he still seemed unconvinced.

"All right, I will ask Goldenwing, and if she agrees, then it is okay with me," he meowed.

"Thanks!" she meowed excitedly as Goldenheart went out of the den to talk with Goldenwing. A few moments he came back with Goldenwing, who checked over her.

"Okay, she can go," she meowed, "But," she added as Spottedpaw started to get out of her nest, "be careful with her, I don't want to go over the same process again." They both nodded and left the medicine cat's den.

Once they were out of the camp with the rest of the patrol, Spottedpaw took in a deep breath. "What a great feeling it is to be outside once again," she meowed. Cougarfur, who was also part of the sunhigh patrol, chuckled.

"It is, isn't it?" he meowed. She nodded eagerly to her old den-mate.

"Stop talking and come on," Sharpfang growled. She was about to make a remark, but she saw Cougarfur wink playfully at her, and Sharpfang's eyes glowing brightly.

"Okay, Sharptongue or should I say, Bigmouth," she meowed jokingly. Sharpfang flicked her ear with his tail.

Sharpfang looked like her father, although they were not littermates. Sharpfang was younger than Flaringstar, and more muscular. And he is much friendlier, she thought with a touch of bitterness.

As they got near to the Shadowclan border, Spottedpaw heard something. She opened her mouth to tell Sharpfang, who was leading the patrol, about it, but suddenly the bushes shivered violently and Shadowclan cats burst out of them.

"Thunderclan attack!" Sharpfang yowled as he tackled a Shadowclan she-cat. Spottedpaw looked around wildly. I can't see any of their faces properly! she thought in worry. Suddenly she noticed a blurry white shape coming towards, and she ducked.

"Fight me, you kittypet!" the Shadowclan cat snarled. It was an apprentice. She took a step back, and just before the Shadowclan could attack her Cougarfur pushed him away, and yowled, "Spottedpaw! Run back to camp!"

Just as she began to run, a cat began to run after her. I have to do something, she thought. She quickly turned around and clawed the cat's -- who looked like an apprentice -- muzzle, hoping to gain time. She resumed her running, but she knew the cat was after her. She looked around and dashed in another direction.

Dustpaw turned from side to side. Where is that runty Thunderclan apprentice? he thought. He flattened his ears when he heard a growl. He scented the air. Badger! he thought wildly. Suddenly he saw three badgers in front of him. What am I going to do?

The branches of the tree above him, shivered. He tentatively looked up. The female Thudnerclan apprentice was above him. She quickly climbed down to stand beside him.

"When I count to three, start to run," she hissed. He nodded. "One... tw--" she cutted off, when a badger lunged towards her, and crashed her to the ground. Dustpaw looked wildly at the badgers, and quickly ran to the Thunderclan she-cat's side to help her.

As he fought beside her, Dustpaw saw that the she-cat was clawing furiously, but her blows where weak compare to his. She is getting tired! he thought. "Stop fighting! We can't hold them off!" She flicked her ear. "We have to get help!" She looked at him for a moment, but at that moment one of the badgers grabbed her neck. He rushed over to her and managed to get her free from the badger's grasp. "Go get help!" She nodded.

To his surprise, instead of running to her camp for help, she tipped her head back and yowled, "THUNDERCLAN!" Before he could say anything about what she did, she leapt on the back of one of the badgers, and dug her claws into its eyes. She turned her head sharply towards his direction,and yowled once again, "THUNDERCLAN!" This time she yowled in a higher voice.

He turned around, when suddenly Thunderclan warriors burst out of the bushes. They pushed him and the she-cat to the side as they fought the badgers off. We must have been close to the Thunderclan camp, he thought.

A cat nudged them both. It was a golden tabby she-cat. "Darkclaw sent some of the warrios to help fight off the ambush at the border," she ordered to a tom, as she helped him and the other apprentice to their feet. "Blackpaw," she mewoed to a black she-cat, who was watching with wide-eyes as the Thunderclan cats drove the badgers away. "Help me to get them home." Blackpaw nodded, and grabbed the runty she-cat by the scruff, while the golden tabby helped him to his feet, and let him lean on her.

"We will take you back to our camp," the golden tabby murmured into his ear. He only nodded.

Chapter 5Edit

Loudpaw watched as Flaringstar, with his deputy, Hawkslash, beside him, was led to Darkstar's den. They have Dustpaw, he thought. They are going to ask for something to exchange him with! He bristled at the thought. He began to pace in front of the entrance of the apprentice's den.

Soon, Flaringstar and Hawkslash came out. "Thank you," Flaringstar meowed to Darkstar. Drakstar gave a curt nod, and watched as they were escorted out of the camp. Then, Darkstar turned to the clan cats.

"Everyone, there is nothing to worry about. Dustpaw is safe at Thunderclan," he meowed. Loudpaw perked his ears. Darkstar continued once he made sure everyone was listening. "At the ambush, while Dustpaw was chasing a Thunderclan apprentice, they encountered a few badgers. The badgers wounded them, and because Thunderclan camp was the closest, they took him there for healing." Loudpaw looked with surprise. They were actually treating him well there! He sighed with relief.

Dustpaw blinked his eyes, and yawned. He scanned the medicine cat's den. There was the runty, half-blind apprentice sleeping a bit further off, and the Thunderclan medicine cat, Goldenwing, redressing her injuries.

"You are okay?" the medicine cat asked without looking up. He nodded. She frowned. "I knew I shouldn't have let her leave the camp," she mumbled.

"Who?" he asked.

"Spottedpaw." Dustpaw looked at the apprentice. So that is her name, he thought. "The day off the gathering, she and Thunderclaw were outside. They were attacked by the same badgers. But thanks Starclan those badgers won't disturb us anymore," Goldenwing meowed, padding over to him.

"But at the gathering, Flaringstar said that you didn't come because Thunderclaw injured his paw while hunting," Dustpaw meowed with confusion as the medicine cat started redressing his wounds.

"He thinks his own daughter is a weakness to the clan," a voice croaked from a corner. He and Goldenwing saw that it was Spottedpaw, who woke up, speaking. Spottedpaw snorted. "Starclan can go bite his pride."

"Spottedpaw, you shouldn't say that," Goldenwing said sternly.

"Everyone else might be, but I am not afraid of what other clans think," the she-cat growled. "And I am not afraid to say what everyone else is thinking. That Flaringstar --" she was cutted off with Goldenwing slapping her tail over her mouth.

"Just because you don't like your father, doesn't mean you can say such things about him," Goldenwing growled. Dustpaw looked at the apprentice. He knew that some cats did not have good family bonds within each other, but he just did not like what he was hearing, He would just ignore it.

Chapter 6Edit


Sparrowpaw looked up from his fresh-kill to see Owlpaw and Falconpaw, their eyes bright with excitement. Flaconpaw spoke, "Guess what we found?"

"What?" Sparrowpaw asked curiously. Was it a secret place or something?

"Come with us, if you want to see it!" Owlpaw meowed excitedly, then ducked his head when he realized he was talking loudly. "Come on," he whispered.

"Okay!" Sparrowpaw said, and began to follow the two littermates out of the camp. "Let's go."

Sparrowpaw followed his den-mates up to the Thunderclan border. "Where is this place?"

"Come on!" Falconpaw meowed, and crossed the border. Sparrowpaw's eyes widened. They were going into the Thunderclan territory? But that was wrong! "Sparrowpaw," Falconpaw demanded, Owlpaw at he side.

"Okay," he meowed. So what if they were crossing the border? Let's just have some fun! he thought with excitement. He crossed the border, and began to follow Owlpaw and Falconpaw deep into the territory.

They were deep into the teritory, and Sparrowpaw was getting more nervous with each step. "When will we get there?" he asked, but Falconpaw shushed him. "Well?" he asked more quietly.

"Be patient!" Owlpaw hissed, his eyes darting from side to side. They continued to walk on.

"Just what are you doing here!" a voice demanded from the trees above. They all looked up. Oh no! Sparrowpaw thought.

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